Access to records

Public access to records

Access conditions for records held by State Records are set by the agency responsible for the records.

The agency responsible is a current government agency and may be responsible for records of past government bodies.

The agency responsible is found under Related agencies on the series page in ArchivesSearch.

Access categories

Access categories protect sensitive and personal information found in records.

Records in ArchivesSearch are assigned one of the following access categories:

  • Open: Records are immediately open for public access.
  • Partially Open: Part of the series is open for public access and part of the series is still restricted from public access.
  • Restricted: Records are currently restricted from public access or no public access determination has been received from the agency responsible for the records.
  • Not Applicable (N/A): No records are in State Records' custody.

Open access records (including records that are open in a Partially Open series) can be viewed at our Research Centre by appointment.

Restricted records

Restricted records will include an access determination that notes the number of years until the record is unrestricted:

Records containing low level personal information may be restricted from general public access for 30 years to 31 December from the last year noted in the record.

Example: records with an end date of 1995 will be open access from 2026, thirty years +1 from the last date.

Records containing more sensitive personal information, or material that is commercially confidential, might be restricted for 60, 80 or 100 years to 31 December, from the last year noted in the record.

Example: Where records are unrestricted after 100 years, records with an end date of 1925 will be open access from 2026, 100 years +1 from the last date.

How do I access records that are restricted?

You can apply to the agency responsible if you need to access the records before they become available for general public access.

Our Restricted Records page gives information on:

  • How to contact an agency responsible using an Access Authorisation letter
  • The types of records that require permission to access
  • Contact details for agencies responsible for records

Need more help?

Contact us for more help or help with access to restricted records.

Please provide the archival reference of the relevant record.