This statement provides you with an overview of:

  • the types of personal information we collect through our websites and online systems and
  • our practices in the storage use and disclosure of that information.

This statement has been developed to assist State Records to comply with the South Australian Government’s Information Privacy Principle Instruction (IPPI).  The IPPI governs the way State Records collects, stores, uses and discloses personal information.

Collection of your personal information

We collect personal information for the purposes of processing your transaction to provide goods and or services.  We will collect your information when you:

  • register for any of our training sessions
  • purchase a product or service from us
  • submit an enquiry, comment or complaint on one of our products or services
  • register for access to our archival collection catalogue.

We will only collect the personal information necessary to perform the transaction or deliver the service requested.  The personal information we collect will generally be limited to your:

  • name
  • postal and delivery address
  • phone number
  • email address
  • details of the requested training, goods or services.

If you are a South Australian public sector employee and the costs of your requested training, goods or services are to be paid by your employing agency, we may collect the name and contact details of that agency to manage the payment for the training, goods or services.

Financial information and credit card payments

You may pay for training, products and other services on our website with a credit card.  Payments are processed directly by the South Australian Government’s payment processing facility.  Your financial information will be collected by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet and handled in accordance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.  State Records will receive notification of the successful processing of your payment once the transaction has been completed.

Secure digital delivery system

State Records uses Kiteworks to transfer sensitive information outside of the department. Kiteworks - also known as SecureFile - is a whole of government solution to securely transfer sensitive information outside of government. Kiteworks has strong protections, providing encryption for data in transit and also while the data is at rest.

External vendors or cloud providers do not have access to data uploaded to Kiteworks by State Records. Additionally, system administrators cannot access user's data files on the system.

More information about Kiteworks is available on request.

Data automatically collected on visiting our website or catalogue

When you visit our website or catalogue, we automatically record some statistical information about your visit to inform us how our website and catalogue are being used.  We use this information to improve the sites.

The information automatically collected includes:

  • your IP address
  • search terms used
  • the date, time and duration of your visit
  • the pages you access
  • the documents you download
  • the previous website visited
  • the type of browser you use.

This information does not identify you personally. No attempt will be made to identify you from this statistical information except as required by law or otherwise in accordance with the IPPI.


A cookie is a small piece of data that a website can transfer to your computer hard drive. Its purpose is to remember information about your preferences in using the website. We may use cookies to help you access and use our site and improve the service we offer. We will not attempt to identify you personally using a cookie.
The use of cookies in this way is widespread and commonly accepted by users of the internet. However, you can set your browser to reject any cookies that our website may attempt to place on your computer. If you reject any cookies used by our website you may not benefit from the full functionality of the site.

Storage of Personal Information

Any personal information you provide us via our website will be stored in our databases and on our servers.  Your information will be stored in Australia.
We will take reasonable steps to ensure the personal information we collect is stored securely and is not misused.  We adopt a range of policy, physical, software and hardware safeguards to ensure the security of the personal information we hold.  Access to personal information held in our databases, electronic and paper files is restricted to relevant State Records personnel and our government service providers.  It is only accessed where necessary to process your transaction, to deliver the requested good or service, or to manage the operation and security of our website and associated databases.

If you do not wish to use our website to transact with us contact us to discuss alternative ways to access our services.

Use of Personal Information

We will generally only use your information for the purposes it was collected.  That includes processing a transaction you have initiated, to deliver a requested good or service, to arrange and collect payment for goods or services, or to provide you with further information and related services.

However, we may use your personal information to contact you about future events or other services we provide or to ask you about the services that you have received or expect from us.

We will only contact you in these circumstances if you have indicated via our website that you would like to receive this information.  You can opt-out of receiving this information at any stage by contacting our office.

We may use statistical data we collate about our customers for the improvement of our website, catalogue and customer services.  However, none of the statistical data we use in this way will contain information that will identify you.

Disclosure of Personal Information

We will not generally disclose information about you that we collect via our website for a purpose other than the purpose for which it was collected unless you have consented to the disclosure or would otherwise reasonably expect us to disclose it for that secondary purpose.

However, we may disclose your personal information when we are required by law, including by order of an Australian court, or where reasonably necessary for law enforcement, or where reasonably necessary to prevent a serious threat to the life, health or safety of a person or public health or safety, or where the disclosure is otherwise permitted under IPPI.

Other Websites

This privacy statement only covers State Records website and catalogue.  It does not apply to other sites, even when we have provided you with a direct link.

We recommend that you check the privacy statements of other web sites to which you may have been directed from our web site.

Access and Correction

You can request to access and correct personal information about you that is held by State Records by contacting us. 
In some limited circumstances State Records may ask you to make an application for access to that information under the Freedom of Information Act 1991.  This may occur where, for example, the information requested includes the personal information of another person or the disclosure of the information would represent a risk to public safety.

You always retain the right to apply for access to and/or correction of personal information under the Freedom of Information Act 1991.


If you have a complaint concerning a breach of your privacy by us you can complain in writing to the Director of State Records in the first instance.  If you are not satisfied with the response we provide you can make a complaint to the Privacy Committee of South Australia (recognising that State Records proivdes administration support to the Committee) or to the South Australian Ombudsman.

If you would like more information about this statement, contact the Senior Privacy Officer on 08 7322 7077 or